Friday, February 3, 2012

Get out your tap shoes, Frances....

I went to an audition yesterday!  It was completely out of the blue, as I received a call on Tuesday afternoon about attending.  It was for a CT Lottery commercial, and they were looking for a balding man, who could tap dance.  PERFECT!!

I went in there having NO idea what to expect.  I was told to look at the story boards to get an idea of what to expect.  For those of you who aren't aware, (I knew what they were, but hadn't ever seen any) story boards are a shot by shot drawing of what the commercial will look like.  They break it down by the different camera 'shots' they'll be taking.  Think of it as a kind of comic strip that lets you know what the commercial will look like.

Anyway, I looked at the story board and from looking at them, I could see that the commercial was going to be a big, musical number where this woman fantasizes about winning the $1,000 a day lottery game and sings this big song about what she'll do when she wins.  They were looking to cast a bunch of different dancers, the 'lead' singing woman, and a few other featured folks as well.  In the song, she talks about how she'd use some money to buy her friend a new toupee....and that's where I'd come in.  :-)

The audition went well, but it was so fast, I feel like it didn't even happen. 
I parked my car, went into the building, met one of the interns, filled out a form, went up to the audition room, put on my tap shoes, stood in front of the camera, answered 2 or 3 questions, did a little tap dancing, and then I was done.  The whole process from car door to car door took no longer than 15 minutes.

I wish that I had taken my time a bit more because the entire thing felt SO rushed and I really don't think I did as well as I could have.  BUT - I'm glad I actually went in there and did it, and even if nothing comes of it, at least I went in and the casting people know that I'm a real person and not just some random profile in their actor database.

I'm very excited for the Super Bowl this weekend.  Football is actually one of the sports that I enjoy watching the most.  Maybe it's because of all my years watching games as part of the marching band, or maybe it's because you're 'supposed' to drink beer while watching - but either way, I enjoy it.  :-)
I probably wouldn't be as likely to watch if my beloved Patriots weren't playing, but I'm thrilled that they are.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll leave you with some pictures of our really attractive Patriots.
Seriously...they have some nice looking fellas guys on that team....

7 comments: said...

Hope you hear something back soon. Good for you for going!

I, too, learned everything that I know about football standing on the sidelines with a trombone waiting for half time.

Now, I just cheer for the team in the white pants because, sometimes, you can see straps underneat. :0

RG said...

I want to be Hernandez's jock-strap.

Ur-spo said...

I want a video of you tapping.

Blobby said...

ROR!!!. A tap dancing bald man.

You don't even LIVE in CT. You Sir, are Charleton! :)

Nik_TheGreek said...

When do you expect to hear back from the audition?
Good luck!

cb said...

Best of luck on the tap dancing commercial! I hope you get it!

And I was rooting for the Patriots... cuz they are WAY hotter than the Giants.

sbo said...