Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey gang!!!!

I just thought I'd drop in and say hello! 
I've been super-busy with training and trying to figure out where the hell I'm going from day to day, but I anticipate that things will be getting easier to deal with as this week goes on.

Tonight is the reading of that musical I'm that's good. I've been rehearsing just about every day since last Tuesday, so it has been slightly time consuming. (understatement) I've been having fun though, and as always, it will be exciting to see what the audience thinks of it.  It's certainly a talented group of folks (if I may say so myself) so at the very least, they'll be entertained!

Jim, Zachary, and I are heading to NH for a little vacation at the end of this week, so that'll be fun.  Scooter will spend that time with Jim's parents - who will spoil him more than we do (if that's possible) so he gets a little vacation as well.

I've got to get back to work, but I'm hoping to throw together another video blog for next week, since the last (and first) one was so popular.  :-)

Hope all of you are well!!!!


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I await all with great anticipation.

BosGuy said...

Where in NH did you go? Hope you had fun.

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