Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well, this sucks.

Good thing I've been reading all those 'Post-Apocalyptic/Zombie/End of the World' books lately. It feels like everything I've learned by reading them will become useful information, sooner rather than later.
But seriously....I'm truly saddened by the outcome of this presidential election. Never in a million years did I think that we'd have such a repulsive reality star/business man as President of the United States.
It really speaks to the mentality of our country. While that absolutely frightens me, I can find some happiness in the fact that this disaster may end up forcing the like-minded folks to rise up and fight against the potential changes that he has talked about making.  You know, assuming he doesn't in fact cause the end of the world before we have that chance. For example....he and all his supporters have been screaming forever about 'Building that damn wall!!!' and insisting that Mexico is going to pay for it.  Do we really think that this will happen?  I highly doubt that it will, and I'm wondering how his supporters will feel once they realize that as well.
I could go on and on about this massacre, but I'll just say that I hope that we can all come together and get through this together.  We'll fight if we have to, but ultimately, we will NOT let this bring us down and we won't stand for anyone that tries to take away the rights that we've fought so hard to obtain.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!

While it was a tad chilly, Halloween 2016 was a success! Zachary got a bunch of candy, we didn't get too many kids stopping by our house (more candy left for me!!!) and Z's costume was a hit.
However, I'm surprised that more people didn't know who he was supposed to be.  We even had some young kids (like 10 or 11 years old) that saw him and yelled out 'Oh no, it's Darth Vader!!!'
Zachary, in true form, quietly replied 'I'm Kylo Ren.'  It was pretty funny.
Other folks either gave him a generic compliment 'Oooooh, what a great costume!!!' or 'Wow, I love your light saber!' and we even got one 'Look out, it's a ninja!!!'
Even Zachary just let that one go.
All in all, it was a lot of fun.

In other news, I'm on day three of my model.  I know, I haven't mentioned it here yet...but that's a post for another day.

Until then, some pictures:

This is Zachary and my niece, Julia at a Halloween party last Friday night

The man himself: Kylo Ren

Daddy and Kylo Ren take on the neighborhood

Friday, October 28, 2016

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?!?!?!?

Hello and Happy Friday!!!
I'd like to get some stuff off my chest that's been bugging me recently; specifically about my daily commute(s).
Here is a list of things that make me CRAZY:

  1. People who want to chat with me on the morning train.  I'm fine with a quick hello, and a 'check in', but I have no interest in talking to you for 45 minutes.
  2. People who talk LOUDLY, and NON-STOP on the train.
  3. People who can't seem to comprehend that when walking through a huge crowd of people, looking down at your phone, and strolling along like you're the only person left on the planet, MIGHT not be the best idea.
  4. People who either have cheap headphones or have their music turned up so loud that I can hear it from 5 seats away.
  5. Loud typists
  6. Those folks who refuse to take their backpacks off, so that they're essentially taking up space where another person could be standing.
  7. The jerks who refuse to let people sit with them on the commuter rail.
  8. People who eat full meals on the train. (extra rage for those eating foods that stink)
  9. Loud eaters on the train.
  10. Train delays.

That's pretty much covers what's been making me crazy lately....and that's just the list that came off the top of my head.
And people wonder why I want to have a drink as soon as I walk through the door.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shhhhh.....don't tell anyone I'm here.

Remember that time I had a blog?

I am, and have been a Facebook addict for quite some time now, which I'm totally fine with.
I find it hysterical when people comment on my statuses, specifically those related to my commuting experiences, with things like: "You should start a blog!!!", "I hope you're recording all of these somewhere!!" etc.  Little do they know that I started a blog 8 years ago, and it has been lying dormant for the past 2 years.
Little did I know that when I finally got around to looking at it (I hadn't looked in LONG time, partially because it was blocked at work, and inexplicably is suddenly accessible!!) I would see that the majority of my favorite bloggers are still going strong. It made me a little bit sad that I've deserted the blog world for as long as I have, and I was thinking back on how much I used to look forward to online visits from my blog friends, and especially reading what they were up to on their own blogs.

I'm on the verge of letting the Facebook world know that I'm out here.....but I'm not quire there yet.
We. Shall. See.

In the are your old favorites:

Sunday, May 18, 2014

See it, woman!

Me: Did you see the original 'Carrie; The Musical'?
Theatre Queen #1 : No, I wasn't in New York that weekend.

That was my first exposure to 'Carrie: The Musical'; and that exchange took place in the spring of 1990 or so.  At that time, it was the floppiest of all Broadway flops, and I knew very little about it.
I'd read the book and seen the movie, but the musical was completely foreign to me.
Fast forward about 7 years to 'Showtune Night' at Luxor in Boston's Back Bay when there on the screen (on a good night) we were all treated to a few numbers from the original Broadway production.  The quality was pretty horrible, but it was a treat, nonetheless.  The opening number was certainly something to see (YIKES) but one of the more popular clips was of Betty Buckley (in the role of Margaret White) and Linzi Hateley (in the role of Carrie) performing 'And Eve Was Weak', which was an incredibly cool moment to witness (it's out on YouTube, if you're so inclined).
Fast forward once again, this time about 17 years to the present day, where 'Carrie: The Musical' has once again been brought back into my life.

Last Monday night I was fortunate enough to see the opening night performance of 'Carrie: The Musical' at SpeakEasy Stage Company in Boston.  When SpeakEasy announced the show as part of their 2013-2014 season last year, I was VERY excited. I wasn't able to make it to New York to see the 2012 revival , since I wasn't in the city that weekend... Kidding!  The 2012 off-Broadway production had a fairly decent run, but still closed two weeks earlier than originally planned. 
The fact that SpeakEasy was planning on producing the Boston premiere was perfect.  The show was right up their alley as far as I was concerned.  A little bit edgy, off the beaten path, and it was something that I thought their usual audience would enjoy.
After seeing the show on Monday, I am quite confident that it will be yet another success that they can add to their list.
As I've said previously, I'm not a theatre reviewer, so you'll have to bear with me. 

In the two most well known roles of Carrie and Margaret White, Elizabeth Erardi (Carrie) and Kerry A. Dowling (Margaret) were a great match.  Their number 'And Eve Was Weak' not only sounded fantastic, but the staging and physicality of the number made it one of my favorite numbers of the night. I loved watching Kerry, particularly when she was giving you full-on, crazy Margaret.  If you want to see what I'm talking about, the next time you see her, tell her that you're going to the Prom.  :-)
Elizabeth has a fantastic voice that is able to convey lots of power but also some quiet, more reserved, moments as well and I really enjoyed her portrayal of the bullied and sheltered Carrie White.

 Elizabeth Erardi and Kerry A. Dowling in the SpeakEasy Stage production of CARRIE THE MUSICAL. Photo by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.

As the 'mean girl' Chris Hargenson (or should I say the leader of all the 'mean girls'), Paige Berkovitz might just be my favorite new discovery of the year.  Not only was she PERFECT as the ringleader of the 'bad kids' who make Carrie's day to day life a nightmare, but holy mackerel, can this girl SING! Seriously, she sounded amazing, and I wanted more.  Like, "Hi, here's a phone book, now sing it back to me." more. Phil Tayler made a great bad boy in the role of Billy Nolan, Chris' boyfriend.  During the number 'Do Me A Favor' we were given a little taste of what it's like for Billy to live under the thumb of his ruthless, demanding, and spoiled girlfriend.

Paige Berkovitz and Phil Tayler in the SpeakEasy Stage production of CARRIE THE MUSICAL. Photo by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.

 Speaking of wanting more....Sarah Drake, in her third SpeakEasy appearance, plays Sue Snell, the mean girl with a conscience.  Her voice is suited perfectly for this role, and her number 'Once You See' is fantastic.  She does a great job conveying Sue's frustration when she attempts to make things right with Carrie but it doesn't go as planned.  Sue's boyfriend, Tommy Ross is played by Joe Longthorne. Their duet 'You Shine' was a delightful glimpse into their relationship, and their voices were a really great pairing. 

Joe Longthorne and Sarah Drake in the SpeakEasy Stage production of CARRIE THE MUSICAL. Photo by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.

Shonna Cirone, makes her SpeakEasy debut in the role of Miss Gardner and I really hope she's back on the SpeakEasy stage soon!  She's saddled with being not only the taskmaster who has to deal with a gaggle of troublesome teens, but she also serves as the caring, normal, not-insane, mother figure in Carrie's life. The scene leading up to Miss Gardner's duet with Carrie ('Unsuspecting Hearts') was one of my favorite moments of the show and the song was outstanding.  Shonna's got a great voice, and this number really showed it off.

Shonna Cirone and Elizabeth Erardi in the SpeakEasy Stage production of CARRIE THE MUSICAL. Photo by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.
John Costa did a nice job in dual roles of Reverend Bliss/Mr. Stephens, and the 6 person ensemble rounded out the rest of the cast quite well.  Special mention goes out to to Amanda Lopez as Norma for her commitment to the character and her delivery of a particular line (in reference to Carrie's sweater) that had me in hysterics.  Also, kudos to Daniel Scott Walton as George for bringing lots of humor to what could have been a throw away ensemble role.

Paige Berkovitz (left front) and Sarah Drake (right front) in the SpeakEasy Stage production of CARRIE THE MUSICAL. Photo by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.
Of course, this production wouldn't have been what it was without Paul Melone on hand, not only as Carrie's director, but as SpeakEasy's General Manager and Production Manager. He wasn't only the brains behind all the technical aspects of the production, which were quite impressive, but he was also one of the people who was responsible for assembling this incredibly talented cast. 
Carrie's musical director is Nicholas James Connell, who I have to thank for making the cast (as well as the 6 person orchestra) sound as great as they did. When I think back to the many musical moments that I consider highlights of the evening, I really have to give Nicholas a virtual standing ovation for creating the sound that he did. 
Larry Sousa, who returns to SpeakEasy for a second time after choreographing last season's 'In The Heights' once again does an excellent job keeping things interesting and brings an entirely different style of choreography to the SpeakEasy stage. I look forward to seeing him back at SpeakEasy again!!
OK, I've been writing forever at this point, so if you're still reading this, thank you!  Seriously, if you're even remotely on the fence about whether or not to see this production, GO!!!  The cast is fantastic, the vocals alone are worth the price of the ticket, and it tells a very relevant and important story.
Besides...don't you want to be able to say that you saw 'Carrie: The Musical'?!?!?!?

Elizabeth Erardi in the SpeakEasy Stage production of CARRIE THE MUSICAL. Photo by Craig Bailey/Perspective Photo.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Another Post....

OK - this isn't the post that I was referring to the other day when I said that there would be a post 'coming soon' - but since I feel like writing, I'm going to. What I WAS referring to is the fact that I'm going to see 'Carrie the Musical' on Monday at SpeakEasy Stage Company and I'll be posting 'review' a of sorts after seeing it.
Now, let's get something clear, I don't claim to be a theatre reviewer of any sort, but what I am, is a person who really enjoyes theatre. When I like something, I want to get the word out there so others can enjoy what I've enjoyed. It's no secret that I'm a fan of SpeakEasy Stage, but they really do bring fantastic theatre to Boston. Not only with the shows that they produce, but with the talent that they put on their stage.
I'm so excited to see this show, not only because I'm a fan of the source material, but I'm fascinated by the history of the show itself. Be sure and come back on Tuesday to see what I think of the production, and keep have your calendars with you so you can buy some tickets!!!

Elizabeth Erardi as Carrie White in CARRIE THE MUSICAL at SpeakEasy Stage. Photo by Glenn Perry Photography.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Consider yourself teased. 
There's a new 'real' blog entry coming soon. 
In the meantime, here are some pics.